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Thanks for visiting Quality Tree Services. We specialize in a wide array of tree care solutions for residential or commercial customers within Weaverville, North Carolina. We have built a solid reputation among our customers for providing high quality tree services at affordable prices. If you have any questions, concerns, or would like to schedule an estimate, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

Tree Pruning & Trimming In Weaverville, NC

The pruning of a tree is something that should always be done on a seasonal basis and at the right time. This is also a service where you need to be sure that the company whom you hire knows exactly what they are doing. One wrong cut to a branch could kill your entire tree! At Quality Tree Service, we have an arborist on staff that is familiar with all of the local tree species and can advise you on the exact type of pruning which needs to be completed. People prune they’re trees for a variety of reasons, these include health, aesthetics, shape, beauty, safety, disease removal, and infestation removal.

Tree Removal Services In Weaverville, NC

Typically, when we cut down a tree; it’s not like something you see on TV or the movies. We would never just chop down a large tree on your property from the base and watch it fall. Our foreman will send a tree climber to the top of your tree attached safely to a harness and he will begin cutting small pieces. These are then attached to a rope and lowered down to the rest of the crew to be discarded. We haul these pieces away from your property at no extra charge.

Our procedures also change depending on the situation. We have done projects in the past where a tree has already fell, or an existing tree is healthy except an enormous branch is in danger of falling. Whatever the case may be, we have all the skills and equipment ready to finish your Weaverville tree removal work quickly and safely.

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