Winter Storms-Damage from Animals

Animals are a likely culprit of plenty of damage to trees during the wintertime. While smaller plants and other prey are hibernating or not as accessible, trees prove to be a vital food source for animals to nibble on.

Deer, Mice and Rabbits are the three biggest problem animals you need to watch out for. They all have a tendency to chew on bark, and can even girdle trees. Remember that the bark is what’s protecting the inner layers of the tree from the elements. When the bark is removed, it’s as if an open wound has been created.

In order to protect against animals, we suggest using a combination of mulch, wire meshing and bait traps. The mulch and bait traps can keep mice away. While Rabbits and Deer won’t be able to get their teeth on bark if it’s protected by wire meshing across all sides.

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