Detection Of Tree Decay


Tree decay is something that a professional tree service or arborist should be called in to investigate or at the very least, have a good look. In the most simple cases, it’s readily apparent. In others, not so much. The cases that scare us the most are the extremely large trees that seemingly appear completely fine on the outside but have major problems on the inside.

If one of those large trees were to fall, it could cause enormous, catastrophic damage. So when we provide our hazard tree inspections to look for signs of tree decay, we really make an effort to check every nook and cranny. Let us give you a few examples of what we look for below:

  • Lots of deadwood
  • Open cavities
  • Missing, Hanging Bark
  • Ants
  • Fungi & Disease
  • Exposed roots, damaged roots
  • weak, rubbing, dead branches

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