The Dangers Of Over-Pruning

You have to remember that every single time you trim or prune a healthy tree, it will get a bit weaker and weaker. Each cut you make is creating a fresh wound for you to work around. It’s vital that you don’t “Over-Prune” or trim too much that the tree won’t be able to grow back in a healthy way during the spring months.

To be clear, situations with over-pruned trees go from bad to worse right away. Once enough branches (and their leaves) are trimmed away, this leaves very little opportunity for the tree to feed itself. It will be too weak to re-grow any limbs and will probably attract some form of wildlife like birds. The birds will come to eat except there won’t be anything left. They will also be able to spread disease to the tree. Once this happens, there won’t be much else you can do. The birds’ waste will be absorbed through the wounds in the tree.

We always recommend consulting a highly experienced tree care company or arborist before having a pruning project performed on your tree(s).

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