Tips On Selecting A Small Tree For Your Lawn Part Two


When shopping around in the nursery for a small tree, make sure to look out for one with a straight trunk. This will be ideal because you won’t be inheriting any trees with structural problems out of the box. If you were to choose one without a straight trunk, it’s important to note that trunks will not straighten out as they mature.

Don’t judge a book 100% by it’s cover the first time around. Remember that there are a huge assortment of different tree species that may be available at the nursery you visit. Some have irregular patterns of growth among their central stem while others are a bit more conventional. Choose what suits your environment or landscape.

The final factor you should be looking out for are “Circling Roots.” These will eventually cause you massive amounts of trouble. In all likelihood, they will grow around the the rest of the roots and strangle the tree. This act alone will deplete your tree of it’s primary food source and kill it. See if you can have a look at the root ball to check out how they are proportioned.

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